Service Honours

The Service Honours awarded to members of the Unit (and earlier, the Corps) have changed over the years. But the basics have endured. Five Year Medal with bars, exchanged at 25 years' service for the coveted Gold Star. For both the medal and the star, a bar is awarded for every additional 2 years' service.

Fire Board Honours

Auckland Metro Fire Board The Unit's first Service Honours were issued by the Auckland Metropolitan Fire Board. The 5 year silver medal depicted a fire fighter at work with an old open fire appliance in the background. The ribbon was attached by a bar fashioned as a standpipe.
In 1938 -October- the first recorded recipient from the Auckland Fire Police Corps was Constable C Surman, a foundation member.
Silver Star In 1943 an "unofficial" service honour was started. Auckland Corps members who attended ten or more of the monthly meetings in any one year received the Silver Star good attendance award. If the member continued his record for a second year, he retained the award and usually wore it as a tie clasp. This award had been disbanded by the mid-1970s.

1958 The Fire Board's Gold Star for 25 years' service were awarded to Auckland Fire Police members for the first time when Captain George Hedlund and Lieutenant Ralph Wildish received theirs, marking also the Corps' 25th anniversary.

In 1967 -March- the Corps celebrated with a special presentation evening for a triple Gold Star event. Three eligible members, Cecil Copland, Leslie Chapman and Ernest Patterson, had their 25 year's service recognised.

National Fire Police Association Honours

National Fire Police In 1971 the National Fire Police Association was founded and it had minted Service Honours specifically for Fire Police which, in Auckland and many other cities and towns, replaced the Fire Board service awards. The silver medal was slightly smaller than the Board medals, with a small helmet and crossed axes in the centre, surrounded by a stylised Phoenix. The purple ribbon was attached by a bar fashioned like a ladder.

These Fire Board and Fire Police Association Service Honours were awarded in lieu of those inaugurated in 1879 by the United Fire Brigades' Association Inc., (UFBA). Firefighters belonging to Member Brigades of the Association were eligible. Fire Police, despite periodic applications over more than a century were repeatedly denied membership, and therefore, UFBA honours.

United Fire Brigades' Association of New Zealand (Inc) Honours

In 1984 (August), however, the Unit was advised, along with all other Fire Police in New Zealand, that it was now eligible to belong to the UFBA, and thus its Honours could now be awarded. The Fire Service made a special grant in November 1985 so that without personal expense Auckland Fire Police members could swap their Fire Police Association Honours for those of the UFBA.

5 year medal The silver, 5 year, medal shows a fire fighter at work, it is attached to the red ribbon by an elaborate fixture which includes a miniature shield showing crossed axes and helmet surmounted by a phoenix. Gold Star medal The UFBA Gold eight-pointed Star has a plain attachment to its purple ribbon with the pin at the top concealed behind a gold scroll with the letters U.F.B.A. There are 2 year bars for both medals.

Royal Honours

Long Service medal In 1984 Fire Police also qualified for the New Zealand Fire Brigades' Long Service and Good Conduct Medal for 14 year's service, with a bar for every seven years thereafter. These are quite separate to, and in addition to, the UFBA Service Honours.

Our Unit's Queen's Honours

Order of Merit Ribbon
Order of Merit Medal

Member of the
New Zealand Order of Merit

SO   R Carlyon
Queen's Service Ribbon
Queen's Service Medal

Queen's Service Medal

SO   J Smith
Bravery Medal Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct SO   C England
35 year ribbon 42 years - New Zealand Fire Brigade's
Long Service / Good Conduct Medal
SO   J Smith
35 year ribbon 35 years - New Zealand Fire Brigade's
Long Service / Good Conduct Medal
CFO G Teal
SO    R Carlyon
SO    P Duncan
SO    C England
28 year ribbon 28 years - New Zealand Fire Brigade's
Long Service / Good Conduct Medal
SSO   A Officer
QFF   K Stillwell
21 year ribbon 21 years - New Zealand Fire Brigade's
Long Service / Good Conduct Medal
SSO    D Scott
Long Service Ribbon
Long Service Medal
14 years - New Zealand Fire Brigades'
Long Service / Good Conduct Medal
SSO R Cuthbert
QFF A Cuthbert
QFF N Hohaia
QFF J Watson
HM  M Foster

Our Unit's Other Honours

  International Year of the Volunteer Medal and Ribbon
Volunteer Ribbon
Volunteer Medal

Awarded to all members of the Unit who were serving during the
International Year of the Volunteer - 2001
Volunteer Ribbon
Volunteer Medal
In 2011 it was decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the International Year of the Volunteer by awarding an International Year of the Volunteer plus 10 medal to those members serving in 2011.
  And those who were awarded the International Year of the Volunteer medal in 2001 were awarded a bar, signifying 10 years’ service. 
  2011 Canterbury Citation (Dress Distinction) and Certificate
Awarded by the New Zealand Fire Service to recognise the contribution and support given by those members who deployed to Christchurch immediately following the earthquake of February 22nd 2011.
DCFO R Bay, SO R Carlyon, SO D Carnell, QFF H Chisnall, SSO R Cuthbert, SSO L Day**, SO C England, SO A Galloway**, QFF J Kerr**, QFF H Kyle**, SFF A McVeigh**, QFF P Mason-Riseborough**, QFF M Potter, QFF P Robinson**, QFF K Stillwell, QFF G Towers**, QFF J Watson.
  2011 Canterbury Citation Certificate
Awarded by the New Zealand Fire Service to recognise support given to those members who deployed to Christchurch immediately following the earthquake of February 22nd 2011.

CFO G Teal.
 ** Member noted no longer serves with our brigade.

Gold Star medal Our Unit's UFBA
Service Honours
5 year medal
45 year bar
45 years
SO   J Smith
43 year bar
43 years
41 year bar
41 years
SO   P Duncan
40 year
39 year bar
39 years
CFO   G Teal
37 year bar
37 years
SO   R Carlyon
35 year bar
35 years
SO    C England
QFF   K Stillwell
33 year bar
33 years
SSO   A Officer
31 year bar
31 years
29 year bar
29 years
27 year bar
27 years
DCFO   R Bay
Gold Star medal
25 year
Gold Star
23 year bar
23 years
21 year bar
21 years
19 year bar
19 years
17 year bar
17 years
SSO   D Scott
15 year bar
15 years
SSO   R Cuthbert
QFF   A Cuthbert
QFF   N Hohaia
QFF   J Watson
HM    M Foster
13 year bar
13 years
SO    D Carnell
QFF   M Potter
QFF   J Sadler
QFF   I Batterbee
11 year bar
11 years
QFF   M Walker
QFF   H Chisnall
9 year bar
9 years
FF    C Mellars
7 year bar
7 years
QFF  D Serjeant
FF    A Reyna-Rivera
5 year medal
5 year
Silver Medal

SO   A ChanSee
QFF  D O'Connor
QFF  G Grant
QFF  V Koloamatangi
3 year certificate
3 year
QFF   S Mardon
QFF   J Somerville
: Not yet presented.

Our Unit's Awards

Life Honorary Medal
Brigade Life Honorary Membership
The Life Honorary Medal is bestowed on members who give sterling service
to the Unit, usually including those who attain 25 years' service.

GW Taylor
G Davidson
G Hedlund
L Chapman
R Wildish
JG Patterson
L Cammell
B Sykes
W Small
R Davies
L Beuth
C Copeland
RD Reid
R Martin
R Hedlund
D Halcrow
W Dil
I Morrison
J Smith
W Smith
P Reid *
M Waters
R Carlyon
R Jones
P McGeachen
A Baldick
M Manton
J Pendleton
L Nola
D Ramsay
F Neil
P Duncan
B Morgan
G Wilson
G Teal
B Molloy
K Ashton
C England
A Officer
L Wright
R Bay
A Sampson

* Mrs Pat Reid was not a member of the Unit but the UFBA agreed with members of the Fire Police that life membership was appropriate in recognition of her support of her husband, Captain Dick Reid, and her service over many years to the Unit.

Sub-Assn Life Honorary Medal
UFBA Auckland Sub Association
Life Honorary Membership

The Sub-Association of the UFBA represents Brigades throughout Auckland. It bestows this award on long-serving members or those who render special services. Most of our members received the honour for their assistance organising the 2006 UFBA Annual Conference in Auckland.

J Smith
R Carlyon
A Officer
Auckland Fire Police / Operational Support Statuette
Auckland Fire Police / Operational Support Statuette

This unique award is the Unit's exclusive gift to members who attain their 25 year Gold Star.
SO Chris England was the model for talented sculptor Graham Monk, a career Senior
Fire-Fighter in Auckland, who in this work has realistically depicted Fire Police / Operational Support on duty.

R Jones
J Smith
A Baldick
M Manton
L Nola
B Morgan
P Duncan
F Neil
P McGeachen
J Pendleton
D Ramsay
M Waters
G Wilson
G Teal
B Molloy
C England
R Carlyon
K Ashton
A Officer
L Wright
K Stillwell
R Kuysten
R Bay

Auckland Fire Police Cup
Fire Police Cup / Grant Wilson Trophy

The Fire Police Cup, donated to the Unit by Grant Wilson, was awarded to the member who in the opinion of the Unit's Management Committee showed outstanding commitment and service.

1983   F Neil
1984   A Officer
1985   A Wilson
1986   L Peters
1987   S Allen
1991   L Jennings
1994   J Minchinton
1995   E Kelly
1996   R Bay
1997   B Channing
1998   C England
1999   F Neil
2000   P Duncan
2001   A Wright
2003   L Hutchinson
2004   M Poole
2005   R Cuthbert
2006   D Carnell
2007   N Tainui
2009   J Kerr
2011   S Williams