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Our Fire Region : Region 1 Southern

Our Unit serves the whole of greater Auckland, known administratively within Fire and Emergency New Zealand as the southern part of Region 1. This Region is divided into Fire Districts, each with their own station or stations. These are listed on the (now legacy) New Zealand Fire Service website :   Click here to view

Our Unit, as a regional resource, assists as required in all of the Districts in the southern part of the Region, and on rare occasions we may also travel to help in the North and in neighbouring Regions.

Prior to recent changes, our Auckland Region was, by far, the baby of New Zealand's 6 Fire Regions ... in area, that is. Size wasn't everything - we had other things going for us that made our Region unique within New Zealand's Fire Services. In August 2011 Northland was added to the Region. Nevertheless the southern part of Region 1 has its features:

  • It spreads from Wellsford in the North to Mercer in the South, coast-to-coast. (Our area of operations)
  • Has, within it, Fire Districts, each with its own Chief Fire Officer. (They lead the Brigades we support)
  • Has the same number of paid/composite stations (26) as volunteer stations (26). (Operational Support don't have their own station)
  • Has about an even mix of paid staff (500) and volunteers (600)
  • Protects a mix of sprawling urban areas (500 square kilometers) and a large rural hinterland (4,000 square kilometers). (We criss-cross 4,500 square kilometers attending various emergencies)
  • Protects buildings with a Government Valuation of $95 billion (Garden sheds to high-rise office blocks)
  • Has within it New Zealand's busiest commercial airport, Auckland International at Mangere, with more than 160,000 aircraft movements each year; that's an average 440 each day.
  • Includes the Port of Auckland, the centre of container ship operations and naval base. (Real ships and a stone frigate)
  • Protects islands in the Hauraki Gulf including the burgeoning island dormitory "suburb", Waiheke, which has its own Brigade with 2 stations. (Back-up by boat or helicopter)
  • Its population of 1.4 million grows faster than 25,000 annually (Some of our members are helping this statistic)
  • Has a cosmopolitan population of more than 50 ethnic groups: for many English is their second language. (Sometimes makes communication difficult in the heat of the moment)
  • Is the Region with most Brigade movements ... more than 36,000 in 2008 / 2009.
  • Has the busiest Fire Station in New Zealand ... Auckland City Station with more than 6,000 movements in 2008 / 2009.
  • It's often said that those from outside the growing, and often traffic-clogged metropolis don't understand Auckland. The fact is that whatever it is, it's probably going to happen here first, and then more often. (We have ignored calls from out-of-towners over the decades for restraint and taunts of ridicule that we are "over the top". The Unit thrives in an atmosphere of solid support from local Fire Service Commission Executives, particularly in recent years, with the Unit providing a "uniquely Auckland" niche service to assist the greater Fire Service community, other emergency services, and our fellow citizens and visitors.
Region 1 : Southern
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