Officers Forum

The Officers Forum addresses operational matters, including:
CFO Teal - Leadership and Management
Liaison with FENZ Senior Management
DCFO Bay - Leadership and Management
Oversight of Recruitment; On-boarding; Progression to Membership
SSO Officer - Oversight of Operational Readiness
SSO Cuthbert - Health & Safety; Recruit Training
SSO Scott - Brigade Training Officer, Recruit Training; Oversight of Skill Maintenance
SO Carlyon - Assistance with Stakeholder Liaison
SO Carnell - Canteen Supplies and Equipment; Brigade HQ at Pitt Street
SO Duncan - Vehicles - Servicing, Mechanics, Readiness, Operations etc; All equipment including contents of OS1, OS2, OS3; Ablutions Trailer
SO England - Driver Training; Assistance with Brigade Training
SO Hall - Records and Performance Statistics; SMS, OSM & Dashboard
SO ChanSee - Telecommunications
SO Smith    

Management Forum

The Management Forum oversees administration:
CFO Teal - Executive Brigade Business | H.R. Issues | Rosters
DCFO Bay - Executive Brigade Business | H.R. Issues
QFF Watson - Secretary; Service Honours; Leave Management; Uniform & PPE Issue
SSO Officer - Brigade Treasurer
SSO Scott - Elected Committee Member
SO Hall - Record Keeping and Data Management (SMS, OSM & Dashboard Reporting) (Elected Member)
QFF O'Connor - Recruitment (Elected Member)
QFF Walker - Organisation of Event Participation (Elected Member)
SO Carlyon - Minutes; Content Management of Website & Social Media
Portfolios outside the Forum, reporting from time to time:
QFF Potter - Fundraising and Sponsorship
SFF(HM) Foster - Website & Social Media Technical Management
QFF Batterbee - Website Technical Management

Senior Management Forum

Comprising the CFO, DCFO and SSO's who meet as required to address:
HR; Business Planning; Disciplinary Matters; Policy; Member's Competencies


Promotions Committee
FF Mardon ... plus more TBC
Website Committee
SFF(HM) Foster, QFF Batterbee