Officers Forum

The Officers Forum addresses operational matters, including:
CFO Teal - Leadership and Management
Liaison with FENZ Senior Management
DCFO Bay - Leadership and Management
Chairperson of Officers Meetings
Oversight of Recruitment; On-boarding; Progression to Membership
SSO Officer - Oversight of Operational Readiness
SSO Cuthbert - Health, Safety, and Wellbeing
SSO Scott - Brigade Training Officer, Oversight of Skill Maintenance
SO Carlyon - Assistance with Stakeholder Liaison
SO Duncan - Vehicles - Servicing, Mechanics, Readiness, Operations etc; Ablutions Trailer
SO England - Driver Training; Traffic Management Training
SO ChanSee - Telecommunications
SO Scott   Record Keeping and Data Management (SMS, OSM & Dashboard Reporting)
SO Christie   Recruitment
SO Carnell   Operational Responsibilities at incidents
SO Smith   Operational Responsibilities at incidents
SO Walker   Operational Responsibilities at incidents

Management Committee

The Management Committee undertakes management functions on behalf of the Brigade:
CFO Teal - Chairperson of Management Committee
Executive Brigade Business
Liason withe FENZ Management
DCFO Bay - Executive Brigade Business
H.R. Issues
Leave management
QFF Watson - Service Honours
Uniform & PPE Issue
SSO Officer - Brigade Treasurer
SSO Scott - (Elected Member)
QFF O'Connor - Oversight of ideas submitted via the Ideas Generator
Brigade HQ at Pitt Street
(Elected Member)
SO Walker - Organisation of Event Participation
(Elected Member)
SO Carlyon - Secretary
Content Management of Website & Social Media
SSO Cuthbert - CFO's Appointee
QFF Lewis - All equipment including contents of OS1, OS2, OS3
(Elected Member)
Portfolios outside the Officers and/or Management Forums, reporting from time to time:
QFF Potter - Fundraising and Sponsorship
QFF Grant - Canteen Supplies and Equipment
SO(HM) Foster - Website & Social Media Technical Management
QFF Batterbee - Website Technical Management
QFF Harding - Woman's Network Representative
Rosters Assistance

Senior Management Forum

Comprising the CFO, DCFO and SSO's who meet as required to address:
HR; Business Planning; Policy; Member's Competencies; Disciplinary Matters


Website Committee
SO(HM) Foster, QFF Batterbee
Training Team
(Accredited FENZ Trainers)

SSO Scott, SO England, SSO Cuthbert, SO Walker, DCFO Bay